Week 5: Cold
May 27, 2020

The character of me; outside is a beautiful day, I’m full of energy and having fun shooting and this is how I look, like I’m welcoming you to I don’t even want to know where.

Just kidding, we slayed some fine images on this day.

Nature at it’s finest. A source of water called Cetina. Beautiful. Winter in May, cold, winter, water, white. I had plenty here. My friend ─ćale took this image.

In what was a short walk in distance, but long in time, we took a whole bunch of amazing blue and green photos. Just what I needed to get away from the gray clouds in the city. Not that we’re that far away from the city.

But the weather wasn’t the warmes the last few days, this day was quite the refreshment.

The only cold thing was the water.

Straight from the source, to drink to enjoy in.

Here’s a song also:

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