Week 6: White on White
Jun 1, 2020

And on the same day when we were shooting the last 2 week photos – we came across this shimmering light.
I had the week’s theme in mind but I was out shooting.

Dilemma ensued.

Beautiful soft whiteness glancing over the tiniest ripples on the water source.

White on white, water and light.

What a fine dance it was.

Sometimes the shots just align themselves like this one. I instantly knew it was white-on-white.
Nevermind the bollocks and nevermind the haters.

I had to throw away some books today, what a sad day. But with a little help from my friend I managed to retreieve 1.

“The Hobbit” by Joren Roren Rubel Tookin. JK. It’s John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. One of my favourite authors. With books that introduced me to the fantastic world of fantasy world-building. And what an enjoyable process that was.

Learning about ancient but made-up languages, races and alliances with emphasised traits, some lack of moral ambiguity but never lacking depth of spirit. Even in a harsh world full of monsters and ancient mysteries, sometimes it seemed easy to live in when good is good and evil is in Mordor.

One does not simply take the ring there.

Finding a shot is sometimes a struggle.

The aha moment came and white on white aligned like a smile from the heavens.

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