Week 3: Close-up
May 17, 2020

So close no matter how far. I saw some cool photography a while ago on TikTok. Haven’t been there for a while now. Jordi Koalitic (its’ 2 brothers – not 1 guy) does (do) this amazing perspective close-up shots. Combines sunsets, sports, vibrant colors but with more darker tones. The photos look sweet, so sweet that Will Smith did a collab with them.

Naturally, I’d collab with Will or Jordi, but since they’re in quarantine now, I got’s to do this by myself.

So yesterday I started to write this and mull around with the idea. Had a packed week so no time to focus on photo at all even at night.

Weekend warrior – so be it. Put on some music and started thinking. I tried playing around in the house last night with setting up 2 cameras facing each other. But I was hungry and after that I just went to sleep.

Inspiration struck early in the morning, in the form of my mind being completely blank, but my body wanting to move out to the seaside.

So I listened to myself. Barely got out and stomped my way to the beach. I sat there and started thinking. I remembered I had some cool shots from this week:

Weather was like this all the time. This morning included. So I went out to take the shot. I had some idea in mind and much blankness in the mind. Intentionally avoiding coffee to have the idea mull slower. Mull means to simmer. Which means to boil slowly after cooking? Precisely why I couldn’t drink the coffee so early. Let the body do the talking.

South wind for a week now, not the best time to anything really. I was looking at the horizon, just vibing with a very calm sea.

But I remembered my training, and the lens became a mirror.

I seem to forget my training quite often.

At least I have the high ground.

F/13 – 30mm – ISO 200 – 1/40 sec.

– Taken with Canon 6dmk2 and 16-35mm 2.8 lens

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